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  • My SUB is making more noise than usual, what can I do to solve this?

    While the SUB makes some noise when powered up, it could be heavier than usual. There are a few things you can check:

    1: Check the bottom vents of the machine. It could be there is dust or dirt packed in the fans at the bottom, causing the machine to make more noise in trying to cool the SUB Keg. You can clean the vents with a vacuum cleaner by hoovering out the vents from the outside. 

    2: Check if the issue repeats itself with a different SUB Keg. It could be caused by a faulty Keg not fully connecting to the machine, causing the pressurising noise to repeat itself consistently. 

    If neither of these options sorts the problem out, please get in touch and we'll have a look for you! 

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  • My SUB did not come with the tube to connect my beer.

    The tube that is inserted in the tap is located in the cap of each SUB Keg and should not be taken out of the Keg once inserted.

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  • I am experiencing difficulties with my SUB Keg, what should I do?

    When placing a new SUB Keg in your SUB, please make sure of the following:

    • Make sure that the Keg is connected properly with the SUB. In case it is not pressurising, it can help to turn the Keg a little bit in the appliance to connect.
    • Make sure that the Keg is chilled before placing it into the SUB.
    • Please check if you see any visible damage.
    • The tube should be inserted with a proper ‘click’. If this is not done properly, the tube can release itself from the Keg, causing the beer to flow out.
    • If you notice that you feel resistance when inserting the tube, please leave the Keg for a while in your fridge to relax.

    If the issue still remains, please contact the customer service department via the link below. We are happy to help! 

    Please make sure that you will provide us with the following information:

    • Batch number, this can be found on the side of the Keg under the best before end date.
    • Picture and/or video of the issue.

    Do note that you should not try more than 2 Kegs. If you try a second Keg, we would like to advise to try a different brand.

    For a possible investigation, we need to ask you to keep the Keg, so if needed, it can be send to our office.

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  • What should I do if my SUB Keg is leaking?

    The SUB Keg are sturdy, but they could leak if they freeze or are punctured. If you notice a leak, the Keg is no longer usable. If you have a Keg that was leaking when you received it, please contact us. Please find below the link to contact the customer care team. Please always state your order number (starting with PO) when getting in touch and a picture and/or video of the issue. 

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  • The SUB Keg fell but it does not look damaged.

    You can, in principle, still use this SUB Keg. It is better, once the Keg has been straightened back up, to let it rest for a while before use.

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  • My SUB is constantly making noise.

    It can be that the SUB Keg was not inserted correctly and has not correctly activated the pressurising mechanism. Please also have a look at the vents at the bottom and give them a quick hoover. It might be that some dust or dirt is clogging up the fan, creating the noise.

    If you still experiencing issues, please contact the customer care team via the link below. Make sure you will add your order number and a video of the issue as well.

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  • I've put my SUB Keg in my SUB, but there is no pressure?

    It could be that your SUB Keg is damaged or faulty, causing it to not pressurise properly. Please have a look at the bottom connector to see if it's bent or somehow out of shape. Please also see if the issue repeats with another Keg. Please keep the batch numbers (on the side of the SUB Keg, ending with an A) available when contacting us to resolve this so we can log this issue. 

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