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  • What do I need to do if I purchase this as a gift? Can the gifted reach out if there is a problem? 

    If you are buying as a gift, make sure to check the items when you receive them that they are all correct and intact with a suitable best before date, keeping in mind you have 30 days to return anything you're not happy with.  You should also pass on the purchase order number especially if buying a machine as a gift.  That way the recipient will be able to claim the warranty should they need to.

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  • When trying to place an order, I receive a notification that payment is not possible.

    Check whether the information you entered contains any errors and try again, or try a different payment method.

    The following conditions are ideal for enabling a successful order:

    • Use the browser Google Chrome
    • Delete browser history and cookies
    • Refresh the website and log in again

    Alternatively, you could order from a different device.

    If you still experience difficulties please contact the customer service department via the link below.

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  • How is my beer packed?

    It goes without saying that it is important to us that your parcel is delivered intact and without damage. That is why we ship our products in strong, firm cardboard boxes.

    To be as environmentally conscious and efficient as possible, we offer several boxes depending on the purchase made:

    • SUB: average weight 5.76kg
    • SUB+4 Kegs: 51 x 40 x 38 cm - average weight 15.12kg
    • 8 SUB Kegs: 47 x 24 x 27 cm - average weight 17.7kg
    • Blade: average weight 19.2kg
    • 2 Blade Kegs: average weight 18.26kg

    Do keep in mind that we might have different packs with different sizes for special offers and prepacked beer cases.  


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  • I never received a confirmation email. What do I do?

    We send a confirmation email to the email address you provided at the check-out. There is a chance that it ended up in your spam box. If this is the case and you plan on ordering regularly from, then we suggest you add to your list of contacts to prevent this from happening in the future.

    If you are certain that you never received the confirmation email, then please contact the Customer Service on +44 (0) 808 189 9853 from Monday till Friday between 9.00 AM and 16.00 PM.

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  • Can I include a personal message?

    Yes, you can. You can add a personal message during the checkout process after you fill in the shipping address. This personal message is limited to 185 characters, and do please note that emoticons will not be printed correctly. We will include this message in the parcel, please note that the leaflet of the order will have a QR code which will need to be scanned in order to see the personal message. 

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