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Blade Kegs

Blade Kegs

  • What is a Blade keg? 

    A Blade keg is an 8L beer keg, and is specially made for and can only be used with the Blade counter top draught system.

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  • How much volume of beer does a Blade keg hold?

    A Blade keg holds 8 litres.

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  • What are the dimensions of a keg?

    Each keg measures 20.5 x 36.91 cm, and weighs 8.3 kg. 

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  • What is the shelf life of a Blade keg?

    We guarantee good beer quality of fully sealed Blade Keg for at least 1 month after purchasing from our website. Once you’ve opened your Blade Keg, the beer is guaranteed to stay fresh for 30 days, if stored in a running Blade. You can find the best-before date on the side of your Keg. We guarantee the quality of the beer up until the date on the keg.  After this date, quality may decrease. In general, we recommend storing your Keg in a cool and dry location, for instance the fridge. That will ensure the best beer taste and experience.

    For discounted stock sold on "Sale price" the shelf life is 8 days from day of purchase. This is indicated when you make your purchase and any items on sale should also have a Regular price (unless that is sold out). Please take this into account when selecting your shipping date and if you need your beer for the future then rather buy the regular stock.

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  • How should I store kegs?

    Until you are ready to use your Blade keg, it is important to keep it stored in a cool, dark place. Preferably below 20⁰C.

    Storing your Blade kegs at 20°C  or lower can have a significant impact on the CO2 levels in your beer and its overall shelf life? The temperature is key to managing carbonation and preserving the beer characteristics.

    High temperatures can lead beer to lose CO2, causing it to taste flat. A cooler temperature helps keep the beer’s carbonation level up by reducing CO2 escape rate. And as a result, each pour stays bubble and tasty!

    Additionally, lower temperatures slow down chemical reactions that can cause off-flavours. It keeps the beer fresh, crisp, and true to its intended taste for longer. Keeping the Blade operational at all times also helps ensuring the quality and consistency of the beer.

    When you store your kegs at 20°C or below, you’re essentially preserving the beer’s CO2 content, creating a better drinking experience! So keep it cool, not just for freshness, but for the taste and quality  🍻


    When you are ready to enjoy it, don’t forget to pre-cool the keg in the fridge (around 4⁰C) for at least 24 hours before it goes into your blade machine.

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  • Can I put kegs in my freezer?

    No. The keg should not go below zero degrees as this may damage the packaging and cause beer leakage. You will no longer be able to use the keg once frozen. DO NOT FREEZE the keg as it may explode if frozen.

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  • How long does it take to chill a keg?

    We recommend that kegs are pre-chilled in the fridge for 24 hours before use. Cooling down a keg directly in the appliance will take more than 24 hours.

    If the keg is pre-chilled at 4 ⁰C, you can start serving right after placing the keg in the appliance. For best results, ensure the needle is pointing at the bottom of the temperature dial before pouring.

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  • Can I take out a keg before it is empty?

    Once a keg is open, you have to keep it in your Blade appliance. You can store the
    open keg for up to 30 days. This will keep the keg at the right pressure and freshness.
    You can take the keg out before it is empty, but once removed it should not be

    If you would like to see how to change a keg you can watch this video.

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  • Can I open a keg and serve it like a can or glass bottle?

    No, the keg is specifically designed to be used with Blade. The beer or cider inside the keg needs to be kept under controlled pressure, otherwise it will not be the quality you would expect.

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  • Can I use kegs with other home draught appliances?

    No, the 8-litre keg is designed specifically for the Blade appliance.

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