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Beer cases

Beer cases

  • I am missing a product in the assortment. How do I let you know?

    We intend to build a store with beers from all kinds of brewers, and in a wide scale of styles. If you can't find the beer you’re looking for via the search bar, please check the spelling, because it is sensitive to spelling mistakes.

    Still can’t find the beer you’re looking for? We’d love to hear which beers you like to drink and would like to order. You can send your suggestions via the link below.

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  • The pack I like is sold out, when will you have it back in stock?

    Beerwulf works together with brewers and suppliers to keep our stock up to date. Unfortunately, this does mean that the availability of each pack might vary. We do our best to have each pack back in stock as soon as possible.

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  • What does the best before date mean?

    The best before date on the bottles is the date up to which the brewer guarantees perfect quality. After this date, it is possible that the quality of the product will deteriorate. This is particularly noticeable in the flavour of the beer. 

    You will only receive beer that has a minimum of one month expiration once sent. 

    Storing your Blade kegs at 20°C  or lower can have a significant impact on the CO2 levels in your beer and its overall shelf life. The temperature is key to managing carbonation and preserving the beer characteristics.

    High temperatures can lead beer to lose CO2, causing it to taste flat. A cooler temperature helps keep the beer’s carbonation level up by reducing CO2 escape rate. And as a result, each pour stays bubble and tasty!

    Additionally, lower temperatures slow down chemical reactions that can cause off-flavours. It keeps the beer fresh, crisp, and true to its intended taste for longer. Keeping the Blade operational at all times also helps ensuring the quality and consistency of the beer.


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  • Do the prices shown include VAT?

    All prices shown on the website include VAT. When you complete your order, you will find the VAT on your digital invoice, which we'll send to your email address.

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  • Do I need to pay a recycling surcharge?

    At you don’t pay any surcharge. This is because not all bottles in the Beerwulf assortment carry such a surcharge. Some bottles that carry a surcharge may also not be accepted at all locations. In this case, this does not mean that you can’t hand your surcharge bottles in at your local recipient, but the choice is yours. Empty bottles that do not carry a surcharge can be thrown directly into a glass recycling bin.

     You can recycle glass endlessly. The glass retains its quality. 1,000 kgs of used packaging glass makes 1,000 kgs of new glass. 1,000 kgs of raw material (sand, soda, lime) only makes 800 kgs of glass. The latter approach also consumes more energy. It is for this reason we say: bring your empty bottles to the recycling bin.

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  • I have a food allergy, I need to know what kind of allergens are in the beer.

    When clicking on the products on the website, the allergens are shown under the header 'Details'. When you received your beers, a more detailed ingredient description can be found on the side of the SUB Keg, keg, bottle or can. These ingredients might be stated in the beers original language.
    The allergens will be stated in the language of your country on the received packing slip as well.

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  • I'm looking for Gluten-free beers, are those available?

    Gluten-free beers are certainly available and becoming a bigger part of the wider beer landscape. Breweries like First Chop Brewing are fully committed to producing gluten-free beers, and alongside others including Brewdog, work to create beers that are gluten free and suitable for people with Coeliac disease. You can find our gluten-free assortment this page.

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  • I’m looking for vegan beers, are those available?

    Generally, beer is a vegan product aside from the usage of Isinglass (dried swim bladders from fish) during the filtering process. Beers that are not filtered in that way are suitable for Vegan diets. 

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  • How long until the beer expires after I receive it?

    You will only receive beer that has a minimum of one months expiration once sent.

    Note: this does not apply to beers purchased in the sale!

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